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Safe and Professional Online Game Middleman Service.

Mirasaki Merchant Guild Middleman Service is a middleman service focused for online games, be it accounts, in-game items, pilot service and any form of Online Game transactions that can be done (Terms and Conditions apply). Mirasaki Merchant Guild Middleman Service always ensures that every process are secure and done properly until transactions are finished.

Accepted payment methods:

Better than your regular Middleman.

1000% Safe and Less Complicated.

Say goodbye to the super complicated account security process, because all the procedures are handled directly by middleman until it's finished. 

Trusted by over 700 Buyers and Sellers.

More than 700 Buyers and Sellers believe that using Mirasaki Merchant Guild Middleman Service is always safe and reliable.

Process assisted by the middleman until finished.

Account securing process are directly handled by Middleman, so that Buyer only needs to check the account until it's done.

Learn more about Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions as well as 30 Days After-Service Support through the buttons below.

1000% Safe and Less Complicated Transactions, as easy as DCSP

Deal, Check, Secure, Pay.


Deal & Start Transaction (Seller, Middleman & Buyer)

Seller and buyer make transaction deals and make appointments with Middleman. After the Transaction Note is specified, the buyer sends the money by the nominal specified to the account specified in the Transaction Note.

After the funds are received, the seller sends the complete data of the game account, and the buyer sends the requested data recovery to Middleman through Personal Message.

Account Check & Data Secure Process (by Middleman)

After the account data and recovery data from the seller and the buyer are received by the middleman, game account data is then sent to the buyer for a check, ensuring the description matches - while the buyer downloads the application for the Two-Step Verification of the Email used and the Email application.

After the game account data matches the description, the middleman continues the data security process for the buyer with the given recovery method datas, starting from Recovery Email Address, Recovery Phone Number to Two-Step Verification - with the help of the seller during the process.



Data Handover & Account Securing (Buyer).

After securing the account data for the buyer, the middleman sends the complete game account data to the buyer, to further ensure its safety.

During the process, the seller provides the account number to which funds are forwarded so that the seller can receive funds from the account sales.

Funds Forwarding & Confirmation of Fund Receipt (Seller).

Funds then forwarded to the seller's bank account, and the seller checks the status of funds forwarding after the middleman provides proof of transfer to group chat.

The transaction is complete after the seller confirms that the funds are received. Middleman saves data in the form of Transaction Notes and account backup data in case problems arise after the transaction.


Learn more about the procedures through the buttons below.

1000% Transparent rates, without any additional "hidden" fees.

No bullshits, no overcharges.

Middleman Service for various Online Games

Since 2019, Mirasaki Merchant Guild Middleman Service (formerly known as Mirasaki Middleman Service) has provided Middleman Services for various Online Games, few of them are Black Desert Online SEA, APEX Legends, Steam Accounts, Mobile Legends and other games.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Online

Dragon Raja


Genshin Impact

Why use Mirasaki Merchant Guild Middleman Service?

Trading for online games, such as buying and selling accounts, or using the piloting service, etc. - has a high risk. You might get scammed through various methods - such as account hack back, incorrect account data, and so on. Here are five reasons why you should use Mirasaki Merchant Guild Middleman Service:

Account secure processes are assisted directly by Middleman -- no matter how much are the transaction nominals.

1000% Safe and Trustworthy. Data safety is assured.

After-Service Support for 30 Days from the Transaction Date.

Invoice as proof of middleman transaction is provided.

Installment system for Account Buy and Sale (Terms and Conditions apply, coming soon)


Successful Trx

Billions Trx Worth

Trusted by over 700 Buyers and Sellers, both in Indonesia and Overseas.

"Great, Honest and Reliable."

Worth the 5 star rating, because the process are assisted to the very depths.

– Gogon

5 Stars, for being patient in assisting the transaction process until it's done.

– Luthfi Sorimachi

For the first time in my life, I found a middleman that helped us secure the account to the very depths.

– Dhe Wiadhi

Awesome! First impression: Transactions are completely safe, assured by both parties! Beats when you are doing car buy and sell transaction!

– Ersha Nosela

In need of middleman for online game account buy and sell transactions? Leave it to us!

For further inquiries on how our middleman service works, please contact us through Live Chat on bottom right of the page, or send message through WhatsApp to the following number



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